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Books you really want to read but stinky life keeps getting in the way...

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I have a giant pile of books to read and some in particular I would love to sink my reading teeth into, but life keeps making me read other things...and do know.

Here's my list:

[B]The Reef, A Backwards Glance and The Buccaneers by Edith Wharton[/B]-She's one of my favourites and I'd love to read about her life, she knew Henry James and F.Scott Fitzgerald! Speaking of whom...

[B]The Collected Short Stories of F.Scott Fitzgerald[/B]-I just pick it up sometimes and hold it.

[B]Microserfs-Douglas Coupland[/B]-People keep talking about this! Stop it! I'm mixed about Douglas Coupland, I really enjoyed Girlfriend in a Coma and Hey Nostradamus but hated Shampoo Planet, I thought it was stupid, for want of a better word.

[B]In a Glass Darkly by Sheridan Le Fanu and The Collected Ghost Stories of M R James[/B]-I've always been a spooky story aficionado but recently I've been neglecting my old loves: the gothic and the grotesque! I want to make it clear I was never a goth, however.

So what are yours?