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Tour Dates - Stranger Than Fiction!

Emily Montjoy, Chuck's new publicist over at Doubleday was nice enough to mail me a pristine hardcover of Chuck's next book, the non-fiction anthology [b]Stranger Than Fiction[/b], in the mail today. I must say, this is probably the best looking cover I've seen on a Chuck book yet. Simple yet haunting.


Emily then followed up with an email containing the confirmed dates of Chuck's small U.S. tour to accompany the release of "Stranger Than Fiction".

[b]06/16 PORTLAND, OR
Powell’s (off site)/7:30pm

06/22 EUGENE, OR

University Bookstore (off site)/7:30pm

Auntie’s Bookstore/7:30pm[/b]

They're also going to possibly add one more reading in San Diego, but it’s not set up yet, so we'll let you know the date when it’s confirmed.

In the meantime, don't waste anymore time!

[url=]Pre-... Stranger Than Fiction today![/url]