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I orginally posted this topic [thread=11197]here[/thread], but I'll just repaste what I said here;

there are two major parts to a comic (well maybe like four or five, but those other parts do deserve credit as well; inkers, letters, and colors). the story and the art, so people better start praising the artwork.
some of my favorites;

Richard Corben (Banner, Cage, The End;Punisher)
Alex Maleev (Daredevil)
Pia Guerra (Y the Last Man)
Tim Bradstreet (Punisher covers)
Humberto Ramos (Spectacular Spider-Man)
Jae Lee (Inhumans, GIJoe/Transformers)
Michael Gaydos (Alias)
David Mack (Kubuki, Alias covers)
and no brainers Alex Ross and Jim Lee