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Big-ass continuity error?

Early on in the book Helen and Carl are talking about Basil Frankie, the "author" of [i]Poems and Rhymes from Around the World[/i]. Helen says [i]Poems and Rhymes[/i] was published 11 years ago. (page 64 in the hardcover edition, I believe)

So, how does this account for Carl having read the poem to his wife and child some 20 years earlier? I know the culling song is an ancient Zulu spell and has existed in the Book of Shadows for who knows how long, but how was anyone supposed to read the book before it was printed?

Right now I'm re-reading Lullaby, I originally read it about a year ago and I didn't notice this. The "11 years ago" figure is only mentioned once, as far as I can tell - could this be a simple typo?