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Illegals Legalized?

[url=]Bush: Let illegal aliens work in U.S.[/url]
Bush is trying to pass a law that would give temporary visas to illegal immigrants who can show that they have a job or job offer in the US.

The program would be open to all undocumented workers now in the United States. Applicants who can show they have a job -- or for those still in their home countries, a job offer -- would get an initial three-year work permit that would be renewable for an unspecified period.

opposing poitns:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) praised Bush for opening the debate and said a new immigration policy should ''extend a welcoming hand to those whose presence will benefit our nation and our economy."

Allowing undocumented workers, who make up an unknown percentage of the around 8 million illegal immigrants now in the United States, to work legally here would benefit all Americans, Bush argued. He said it would make the nation's borders more secure by allowing officials to focus more on the real threats to the country and would meet U.S. employers' dire need for workers willing to take the low-wage, low-skill jobs unwanted by many Americans.

Many conservatives balked at the idea of any reward for people who broke the law by coming to the United States.

''I'm not for allowing illegals to stay in this country,'' said Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Va.). ''I think they should have to go back to their home countries ... and get in line with Jack, Suzy and John and apply for a guest worker position.''

part of me wants to say that this would only encourage more boarder hopping, and another part of me just thinks, why should it matter, they're already here, it just gives them some protection.