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burning down barnes and noble

so i went to get fugitives and refugees yesterday (belated because im an idiot) and it took me about 20 minutes to find it. maybe its just me, but when there is a table that says "new books" i would imagine that chuck's new book would be right there, but it wasn't. i frantically searched the store with no luck and the more time passed my worries grew; had they not gotten it yet? why don't they have a huge display dedicated to him? what the fuck is going on here??? i was ready to burn down the place after a woman pointed me toward the travel section still with no luck. i found another employee who brought me over to the travel section again where i did indeed find the book finally.

I'm not sure if I am pissed at the store for not putting it with the rest of his books or at Chuck for not just writing "fiction" on the side to make it easier to find (im not actually pissed at chuck). i am mad that they didnt have it upfront; they did have a huge display for Harry Potter which is bullshit if you ask me. i was in a borders later and they had the book with the rest of Chuck's books but they also didn't have it up front either so they suck too.

did anyone else have this problem?