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why Fight Club did so badly

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The other day I was having a discussion with my friend about the almighty movie Fight Club. We wondered why the hell it did so terribly in the box office. I first thought that it was marketed poorly. I got the impression that it was like a new generation of a more violent Bloodsport, but a lot more boring. Surely the critics would then save this blunder with good reviews, right? Nope, they hated it. So I checked out a bunch of reviews and in just about every negative review the aspect of testosterone was brought up. The critics liked the first part, but then saw all the gore, fighting, etc. as catering to our cavemen instincts. Then I realized, Palahniuk did an awesome job striking a nerve on his feminization of society theme. These critics felt exteremely threatened and had to fight back with all they had. They had to be too high and mighty to realize that the only time we are alive is when we are close to death.

Well, I hope that all makes sense. I come up with a lot of ideas like this, and always have trouble trying to portray them in words. Please tell me what you think and give other ideas as to why Fight Club didn't do too well in the box office.