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new personality quiz..DO IT


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yes i posted this in the other personality thread
but i am acutally excited to hear your responses

so do it..beacuse lippy said so
and really it's interesting.. i love this one
(i'll post the analysis either later or in a different thread)

a couple (the husband and the wife) lives in a small island. the husband has to take a ferry into the city to work while the wife stays home as a homemaker. the husband insists on her to stay at home and not to go into the city.

they live a routined life..he goes to work, comes home at a set time, eat dinner, showers and sleep

the wife got tired of this mundance life and decides to sneak into the city. she figures that all she has to do is come home before her husband, makes dinner and he would never know

in the city..she met an artist. they have a passionate affair

one day..she was running late and missed the ferry.

there are alternatives to the ferry. one is to go on a bridge and cross it on foot...or there is another ferry man....that will take you across for a fee

on that day...there was a lunatic on the bridge...he shouts that he'll kill anyone that passes

scared..she goes to the ferry man and the ferry man asked her to pay a small fee. the wife forgot her wallet (bad day) and runs back to the artist in hopes to borrow a few for the ferry ride. he refuses

desperate...the wife decides to take her chances and crossed the bridge...she died.

now there are 5 characters in this story...husband, wife, artist, lunatic and the ferry man. who do you think is responsible for hte wife's death. please list them in order of most responsible to the least

*also please explain your choices