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Things Only You And Your Dumb Buddies Could Enjoy

k this is officially the guy thread, although i would like to hear your input on this girls. But to be blunt and honest, im sure everyone has heard it from one female or another: "your so stupid around your friends". Its the truth too! So guys rejoice, come and tell us of the things only you and your dumb buddies could enjoy while together, tell us the things that you could not enjoy if it were'nt for being dumb with your dumb buddies.

For me, the movie Dumb and Dumber and Bio-Dome. Dont know why but after watching those movies, throwing syringes full of morphine in each others chest just seems reasonable and a good idea.

The Surgery Chanel. I dont know what we find so funny about watching this chanel, theres just somethign that makes you laugh, the more hagard and disgusting, the harder the laughs.
The Sunday Night Sex Show. A show where viewers call in for sexual advice from a 70 year old woman, nothing more funnier than hearing a french gay man asking if theres such things as "candums fo gamen" whichc translates to "condoms for gaymen"

Pain. Im sure we all enjoy pain in our fighting style, but a kick to the balls, or falling down the stairs, wiping out on your skateboard or getting shot in the head with a paintball (yes it happenned to me) is not as enjoyable without your buddies around.

Eating pizza while your drunk. You can come up witht he most intriguing discussion topics while drunk at your local pizzaria.