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New Radiohead Album

The new Radiohead album, "Hail To The Thief," has been leaked online. I only seem to be able to get a few songs at a time before having to restart my computer (which seems to correct whatever's wrong,) but other than that it's a quick download.


I've heard about half the album now and I have to say that it's a weird mix of styles. It's still heavily electronic (probably even more so than the last two albums,) but the electronic element seems to be more integrated this time. There is a hint of OK Computer style layering and scope, as well as more of the jazz inspired guitar work that surfaced on Amnesiac (Knives Out, Dollars and Cents.) There is also quite a bit of piano and even some welcomed outbursts of more conventional rock guitar (but just a few.) And that's just the first half. It's impossible for me to formulate an opinion as of now. I have a feeling this will require many listens. I'm off to restart my computer and download the rest.