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Fight Club Sources

For your collective information--keep in mind that this is a by no means complete list of influences and sources, and perhaps analogues (most of which are demonstrable or directly quoted):

JJ Rosseau The Social Contract
C Jung Synchonicity
S Kierkegaard Sickness unto Death
F Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil

The Bible (exodus and matthew)

WB Yeats "Second Coming"
PB Shelley "Ozymandias"

The Blue Cliff Record
The Diamond Sutra
The Bagavad Gita (and some commentaries on it)
The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola

Valley of the Dolls
The Lost Boys

Enough Catholicism to be able to parody genuflecting in the Raymond KKK Hessel section, the veil of Veronica in tears and blood, etc.

Something on Hinduism explaining the Kali Yuga.

Something on Japanese culture explaining the bodhisattva.

Something on the Hannya mask (which is a female mask, but worn in Noh theatre by men--for all of those out there who still believe in a non-deliberately ambiguous existence for Marla, give it up)

Now here's the surprise (and this belongs to me, don't repeat it in a term paper without footnoting me--contact via email to get details)

Husker Du: Everything Falls Apart
1982, two songs in particular, "Punch Drunk" and "Everything Falls Apart" there are other tracks that seem relevant, but I do assert that this is certainly not much of a coincidence given CP's age. Quite possibly a track or two from Zen Arcade, and a couple of other tracks from 1983.