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Well what the hell have you seen/read lately?


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[Color=red][b]Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust*[/b][/color]


The best anime I have seen. An amazing difference between this and the ultimately boring [i]Metropolis[/i]. A wide array of wonderful colors, fight scenes and a highly original and kick ass cool piece. Being a Vampire afficando this is one of the tops in the genre I have seen.




This film struck me on some level. I remained engrossed throughout the Hitchcock inspired display. A wonderful get-a-way from the traditional horror/thriller pics hollywood has been spitting out i.e. Dragonfly, Jeeper Creepers, Joy Ride. M. Night Shyamalan(Sixth Sense, Unbreakable) has talent and is the most gifted of writer/directors working today. One film after another all solid, original pieces that continually improve. It looks as if India, home of Bollywood, finally produced their own Hitchcock(although they lost him). A director that while has a Poe like mastery of the horror/thriller genre can still produce other films on varyin interesting topics.




A chilling performance delivered by the BMW regular Clive Owen(in my avatar) as a--you guessed it--croupier. A film that is a journal for a man. It incorporates elements of his semi-chaotic life as well as his thoughts on all aspects of gambling, lying, book publishers or whatever comes up. The film starts off with a writer and drags him through his regression into an addiciton of watching people loose as a croupier(his writing wasnt making him any money at that time), a broken faltering relationship, and a test on exactly how far he will go to keep himself from gambling thus becoming a hypocrite. During his stay as a Croupier he breaks his writer's block and writes real life, what he experience. An engrossing script and great performance makes this easily recommendable.


[b]Gods and Generals[/b]


Do not bother and if you must please leave before intermission. The first half bad it still is at least as some battling to ease your mind. But the second half is full of so many "awes" it becomes digusting and quickly laughably. The battling is little and the drama flat. Heavy editing was needed for this pic. As well as some better less noticable fake beards. And so so many drawn out speeches that lost everyone in the beginning. There seemed to be an epic recital every 10 minutes. The film took an era and tried to cover it all. Giving only small, never fulfilled tales. Many uneeded and many never told such as Antietnam. Instead you get another speech or another "cute" scene of an impeccably clean General playing with some little girl. Everyone was clean. Completely unbelieveable considering they did not have indoor plumbling and bathing was probably more a monthly event. Also did you know slaves wore makeup, aristocratic clothing and that they were treated as familty? An absolutley horrid mess that never tells one single story and never really gets anywhere.

[b][SIZE=1]*Im currently working on a few avatars from the film[/SIZE] [/b]