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After a good, long run, we have decided to close our forums in an effort to refocus attention to other sections of the site. Fortunately for you all, we're living in a time where discussion of a favorite topic now has a lot of homes. So we encourage you all to bring your ravenous love for discussion to Chuck's official Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. And, as always, you can still post comments on all News updates. Thank you for your loyalty and passion over the years. These changes will happen June 1.

Just curious? Who here watches porn? Either for entertainment, romantic, or masturbatory purposes. If so what kind of porn do you like? Do you own porn or just download it from the wonderous invention that we refer to as the internet. I could get personal and ask about any personal autoeroticism (redundant?), but i figure that would be going overboard so I will let sleeping dogs lie.