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General Discussion


This is by far our most popular forum and one of the best places to get lost in endless non-Palahniuk debates. Come meet our regulars...

Hey everyone, I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that we have a long-overdue site update coming in the next few days and since a lot of stuff is going to change I thought it best to let you know what to expect. So, here are some details.

When is it happening? How long will it take? Squirrel!
We're aiming to bring the site down for the update the weekend of the 18th, though we might be a few days behind that. I'll update this post when I am certain. The site will probably be down for 2-3 days but hit us up on Twitter or Facebook for updates. We're a small crew and some of the database stuff we need to run just takes a lot of time, sadly.

What is changing?
Basically everything. We're making a lot of changes. Primarily to streamline the site and get it back to it's more Chuck-centric roots. As a result, we're going to get rid of a bunch of unused or rarely used things.

    This exchange is for writing materials (pens, journals, etc.) Plus whatever else you feel like sending, though you aren't required to send anything extra. So far the participants are:


    Anyone else who wants to sign up please do so before 6pm (central time) Saturday. Deadline for shipping is Friday September 27th, which is two weeks from the sign up deadline.

    I hope to see more of you join in!

    This next summer the lady, Roxy, and I are going to go on a 3 month drive.
    No real plan besides see what we can. Meet who we want. And maybe find a new place to live.

    So my planhopedreamwish is to meet as many of you Culties as I can.I swear it's not creepy... I have just sort of kind of know a lot of you for quite a few years. The way I see it is when else am I to get to meet most of you? And it beats trying to find cool stuff to do from tourists guides when I can just trust your strange judgment.

    Who wants to hang out?

    Feel free to talk about your favorite Culties here. Still active or long gone. Praise or blame, facts or rumors, who made the Cult a place to stay for YOU ?

    I start with the obvious choice, which is of course

    Nathanial 'Karbunkle' Parker