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We're doing some late Summer renovations at The Cult and one of the sections we would like to improve upon is our Book sections. We never had a great Quotes addition to each book section. Rather, I had to do outside links to other

Survivor, Arabic

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New Leather-bound, Personally Signed Edition of SURVIVOR Coming... Plus BEAUTIFUL YOU Available!

Leather-bound edition of BEAUTIFUL YOU from Easton Press

Good news for all you fans of limited edition leather-bound books… Survivor is getting the treatment from Easton Press this July! There's no pre-order page available yet, but keep an eye on this page for more.

In the meantime, they still have copies of Beautiful You in leather-bound, personally signed by Chuck. Get them at the link below before they're all gone!

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Just finished reading this book, (in almost one sitting so I may have forgotten important parts), but can someone explain Adam's end-game and why he appeared to be genuinely trying to kill Tender early on in the story? (when the caseworker inhaled the poison instead). I'm not really sure what his plan was? To go back to Nebraska with his brother and have his brother kill him? Why kill the agent, making this much more difficult to achieve? Why did Adam need for the 3 of them to be on the run?



Inspired by the Survivor cover