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Hey guys,

We're doing a big update on the site this summer and we'd like to begin including quotes for each book on their respective pages.

We have these Stickys set up on some of the earlier Book forums. So begin including the best quotes from this book here and we'll love you for it.

I bought Pygmy shortly after it was released; read the first chapter, and completely lost all motivation. The writing style is so hard for me to get into - maybe I am just being close-minded.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get motivated to read this book? I love all of Palahniuk's work, and I'm sure if I adjusted to the writing style I could get completely immersed in this book... it's just having motivation to adjust to the writing style in the first place isn't there.

Also - where does this book rank in your opinion to the rest of Chuck's work?