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Invisible Monsters


Posted by Dennis

Now Shipping! - New 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts, Designed By Kevin Tong

'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt designed by Kevin Tong.  Coming Soon! 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt designed by Kevin Tong.  Coming Soon!

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These are our newest shirts, celebrating Chuck's landmark novel Invisible Monsters. The design is by Kevin Tong, who also created our lovely Fight Club10th Anniversary shirts.  The shirts are available in Asphalt and Navy and are American Apparel.  Below is how the designs look on a Tshirt template. (models pics here)

'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt Comps

As with our Fight Club promotion, this design is also available as a poster on Kevin Tong's site.  See the poster below.

"Invisible Monsters" poster designed by Kevin Tong. Coming Soon.

Designer Kevin Tong has just typed up a News post on his site explaining this all in more detail, so if you're interested in one of this stunning design as a poster, be sure to run over there now.

For now, please spread the word about these shirts and leave us any comments or feedback here.

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Posted by Kirk

The 'Invisible Monsters' posters by artist Kevin Tong are now available for sale

Please visit Kevin Tong's site here for additional info. These posters look great and furthermore, Kevin's holding a contest where he will select three people who purchased a poster and give them a FREE "Invisible Monsters" t-shirt (contest details also in the link above).

If you've never bought a poster from a guy like Kevin before, be prepared to be blown away at the quality and detail. This is a must have for any serious Invisible Monsters fan. The posters are a 4 color screen printed poster on Steel Gray 100 lb French Cover Paper 18 x 24 in, hand screen printed, signed and numbered edition of 200.  Get one now before they are gone folks!

Click here to order one of these amazing posters from Kevin!

Posted by Dennis

Masuimi Max & Morat Model Our 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirts

Masuimi Max models the 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt Masuimi Max models the 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt Morat models the 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt

Last week our Invisible Monsters shirts, featuring a stunning design by Kevin Tong, went on sale.  Since then, we've already sold about a third of our inventory.  People are loving this shirt and seem to be clamoring to get their's in time for Chuck's tour dates.

Order Your 'Invisible Monsters Thirt Today!

But how do you accurately show what such a badass Tshirt will look like when worn?  Well, you go and enlist the help of two badasses!  And so we brought on fetish and pin-up model, Masuimi Max, to kindly do a photoshoot with the shirts.  And to show how the Mens shirts fit, she got her husband and photographer, Morat, to join in on the fun.

Masuimi Max models the 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt Morat models the 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt Masuimi Max models the 'Invisible Monsters' Tshirt

See All The Photos Here!

We want to sincerely thank Masuimi and Morat for helping us out again on this.  It's tough to wrangle together photoshoots last minute.  Masuimi and Morat are both extremely busy working professionals, but they were somehow able to squeeze this shoot in late on a Friday night, just to make our deadline.  So big gratitude goes their way from all of us.

Masuimi and Morat both model in the pics and both traded off photography duties respectively.   Please show them both some love and visit their awesome websites:

Masuimi Max -
Morat -

We love posting pictures of people wearing our Tshirts, so if you fancy yourself bold enough, snap a pic wearing any of our shirts and we'll post it in our Galleries and on our Flickr.  You can email your pics to submissions @

Order Your 'Invisible Monsters Thirt Today!

Posted by Dennis

'Invisible Monsters' iPhone Audiobook App Winners

As of today our final 5 winners in the Invisible Monsters iPhone Audiobook App giveaway have been rewarded.  I want to thank Blackstone Audio for sponsoring this promo.  They were nice enough to donate 10 redemption codes that let people download the app from iTunes for free. If you haven't yet checked them out, you should head over to their site and see just how well made this app is.

Posted by Dennis

New Twitter Giveaway! 'Invisible Monsters' iPhone Audiobook App From BlackStone

"Invisible Monsters" audio book by Blackstone AudioHow many of you enjoyed our recent Pygmy iPhone audiobook app giveaway last week?  I'm betting a lot, since we had a ton of photo submissions during the 4 days the giveaway ran on our Twitter page.  Well, you might have noticed we have a gorgeous new leaderboard banner advertising on the site currently.  It's for the new Invisible Monsters app from Blackstone Audio.  This is the entire audiobook, in one $10 iPhone app!  And guess what?

Blackstone Audio is giving away another 10 redemption codes for the full app!  These codes allow you to redeem a free copy of the audiobook from iTunes which you can then sync up with your iPhone.  So you know the drill, folks.  New giveaway... new Twitter promo!

This time the giveaway rules are going to be slightly different.  We have 10 codes to give away and will be splitting it up to five winners for two assignments total.  The first assignment will run today and on through the weekend.  The winners will be selected on Monday morning.  At that time, we'll announce the next assignment, which will award the final five winners.

Today's Assignment: Take a picture of yourself (or use an existing one) and then 'Brandy Alexander' yourself! This basically means, use whatever photo editing software you have (Photoshop, Paint, etc) and make yourself look like you've had the most extreme, over-the-top plastic surgery you can think of!  This content is for girls and boys.  Then make sure you Tweet this photo to our Twitter page @chuckpalahniuk and use the tag #MonstersApp.

Just remember, don't email us your pics or post them here.  Rather, Tweet them to our @chuckpalahniuk Twitter account.  Also, make sure you have an iPhone before you play, as the app won't work anywhere else.