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Hey everyone,

We're doing some late Summer renovations at The Cult and one of the sections we would like to improve upon is our Book sections. We never had a great Quotes addition to each book section. Rather, I had to do outside links to other

I just finished reading Choke for the second time around and I thought of an interesting way to read it. Try reading the novel as a reactionary text to the feminism movement. Victor Mancini is basically controlled and manipulated by the women in his life throughout the course of the book. While this isn't how I read it, it could be argued that Victor's plight could be a reaction to feminism, showing that men can certainly be victimized by women too, there are husbandbeaters too.

I finished Choke today and right after I wrote 3 full pages in my notebook (because I was bored in class) about the book and different meanings and things Chuck was trying to say through the characters and situations. Anyone have any thoughts or reflections on this book? I'd like to hear other perspectives.