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Fight Club 2

Fight Club 2 cover art by David Mack

Update! Huge news today. Dark Horse Comics has announced it will be the published for the FIGHT CLUB sequel and will publish the comic as a 10 issue maxiseries. Read all the details here!

During the 2013 Comic-Con in San Diego Chuck dropped a BOMB when he announced that he was hard at work on a sequel to Fight Club... in graphic novel form!  

Read the big news announcement for the sequel.  (and scroll down to the Media Links for a slew of other sources that picked this story up)

In recent interview with Hustler Magazine, Chuck talked more extensively about the sequel, so we now have what looks like the most commplete plot description of the story.  Here goes:

"The sequel will be told from the-- at first-- submerged perspective of Tyler Durden as he observes the day-to-day tedium of the narrator's life.  Because 20th Century-Fox created the convention of calling the protagonist Jack, I'm calling him Cornelius.  He's living a compromised life with a failing marriage, unsure about his passion for his wife.  The typical midlife bullshit.  Likewise, Marla is unsatisfied and dreams of accessing the wild man she'd once fallen in love with.  She tampers with the small pharmacy of drugs that her husband needs to suppress Tyler, and-- go figure-- Tyler reemerges to terrorize their lives."

Chuck also spoke about the process and inspiration for writing the sequel:

"The sequel has been percolating in my mind for years.  My only worry is about presenting it in the form of a graphic novel.  The medium shapes the messages, and I'll be relearning how to tell stories.  My tendency is to hold the entire plot in my mind until I'm afraid of forgetting it.  Once I start writing, I can't stop.  That feverish, ill-fed, exhausting stint of writing in the only part of the process that I fear."

Stay tuned to this page for more updates from Chuck as we get them.