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Doomed Tour

Chuck's 'DOOMED' Pajama Party Has Ended

Chuck Palahniuk.

The US, Canadian, and UK portions of Chuck's Doomed Pajama Party Tour have now ended. Please check our Twitter and Facebook for tons of photos and fan recaps. And keep an eye on this page for any random dates that pop up in-between now and the release of Chuck's 2014 novel, Beautiful You.


Chuck Palahniuk on TourTour Photos

*If you would like to post pictures of yourself at the Doomed tour, you can @mention Chuck on Twitter as well as post them directly to our Facebook wall.

You can also directly submit your pics now to us in our Tour gallery.

Every tour that Chuck has, we urge fans who attend to snap as many photos as they can.  What we get back, are pictures of fans. Pictures of Chuck.  And our favorite, pictures of fans with Chuck.  

For a collection of our best Tour photos over the years, check out our Tour Gallery.  It includes pics from most book tours except Pymgy and Tell-All. For those pics, check out our Group on Flickr here: 


Tour Instructions

Chuck Palahniuk on tour!

Keep a close eye on this page, as we have a direct connection with the good people at Doubleday (Chuck's publishers) and are usually the first to post dates for Chuck's book tours. During a tour, coverage happens sometimes on a daily basis from our Twitter and Facebook profiles. You can also cover the individual stops on Chuck's tour in more detail from our front page News updates, which will list stores, locations, phone numbers, even contact people who handle each event.

Also, remember that we no longer accept written tour accounts via email.  They should instead be posted in the comments of the News updates for each tour.  We do still accept photos and video, which you will be able to upload yourself via our Tour Gallery.