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20 Oct, 2008 - 3:50pm

Chuck Palahniuk Podcast On The Warren Report

As you can see, I'm making up for a lot of backlogged News updates today. Hopefully you're getting a thrill out of this much news in one day.

This one's a specialty though. Warren Etheridge, of The Warren Report, had the pleasure of interviewing Chuck, as he came...

20 Oct, 2008 - 3:45pm

CHOKE Movie: Red Carpet Premiere Video!

Rounding out Premiere magazines awesome coverage of the CHOKE movie last month, Jenni Miller had one more feature to send our way. It's a short video that you all may dig, of the red carpet premiere event in New York.

Click here to see the video

Premiere red...

20 Oct, 2008 - 10:07am

CHOKE Movie: Premiere Magazine Interview With Sam Rockwell

Continuing their awesome coverage of CHOKE last month, Jenni Miller also had a chance to sit down and talk with actor Sam Rockwell. Read The Interview Here You can also read Jenni's review of Choke here.
20 Oct, 2008 - 10:03am

CHOKE Movie: Premiere Magazine Interview With Clark Gregg

I didn't have a chance to post it at the time, but a couple weeks back I heard back again from Jenni Miller, a reporter for Premiere Magazine. While at the press junket for CHOKE in NY last month, she had the chance to interview most of the major players on the film. Here is her Q&A with... more
20 Oct, 2008 - 10:00am

CHOKE Movie: Anjelica Houston Interview

Check out this interview with Anjelica Houston for The Hollywood Interview. It was conducted by Terry Keefe and it goes into Choke quite extensively.

Read The Interview Here

13 Oct, 2008 - 1:37pm

Pre-Order Chuck Palahniuk's Next Book, "Pygmy"!

Chuck Palahniuk's next book will be "Pygmy". It's not due in stores until May 5, 2009. But you can pre-order it today on Amazon. Pre-Order "Pygmy" On Amazon Today!

For those that don't know, here is summary of "Pygmy", right from Chuck:


10 Oct, 2008 - 2:23pm

Last Call For CHOKE Movie Contest Submissions

Chuck's new novel "Pygmy" is now being typeset. This means we have to get Chuck the winning contestant's name of the Choke Movie Contest, so he can include it as a character in the book. So consider this a last call for submissions.

If you participated in last weekend...

6 Oct, 2008 - 3:24pm

Chuck Palahniuk's October Essay, "A Story from Scratch, Act One"

Apologies for posting this one late, but Chuck has something special for you today that I think you're all going to agree was worth the wait. For years now, fans have loved and coveted these essays Chuck provides the site, on how to improve your writing. But there's one aspect of his lessons...

1 Oct, 2008 - 1:42pm

Want To Have Your Name In Chuck Palahniuk's Next Book?

UPDATE: The emails have started coming in, so this is just an update to ask all of you now to send in pictures you took if you participated in this weekend's Choke contest. You can email them to me at: Want to get a character named after... more
29 Sep, 2008 - 6:10pm

Chuck Palahniuk In Paste Magazine

Chuck Palahniuk is in the new October issue of Paste magazine:

When a young Chuck Palahniuk pitched his novel Invisible Monsters to publishers, it was rejected because it was too disturbing. His response was to fill his next novel, Fight Club, with even more disturbing and violent events...

27 Sep, 2008 - 3:58pm

IMPORTANT: We Need Everyone To See CHOKE This Weekend!

Just like the news title says: We Need Everyone To See CHOKE This Weekend! If you planned on seeing it during the week, or even waiting to next weekend, or a couple weekends after that... don't.

We need you to see CHOKE this weekend. Now even. As soon as you'...

26 Sep, 2008 - 2:37pm

CHOKE Released In Theaters Today!

The day is here. CHOKE is now playing in theaters nationwide. For a list of US & Canadian theater locations, check out this thread. (the Canadian list is lower in the thread) For movie reviews and showtimes, check out Rotten Tomatoes page here. I want to... more
23 Sep, 2008 - 1:36pm

Chuck Palahniuk's 5 Favorite Films

So I got a very cool email yesterday. Ryan Fujitani, who works for one of the best sites online, Rotten Tomatoes, contacted me with a very cool feature. It seems they have a “5 Favorites” column on their site, in which they ask certain celebrities what their 5 Favorite...

22 Sep, 2008 - 4:15pm

CHOKE Movie: Premiere Magazine Interview With Chuck Palahniuk

Jenni Miller, a senior editor with, was at the press day for CHOKE in NYC and had a chance to interview Chuck Palahniuk.

Check out the full interview here:


19 Sep, 2008 - 9:43pm

Chuck Palahniuk On Shoplifting

This was recorded from Borders 1, while in Ann Arbor, MI, for Chuck's 'Snuff' tour. Chuck explains how to prevent stock shrinkage by teaching fans the best books to steal! Hysterical.

17 Sep, 2008 - 2:07pm

CHOKE Movie: Chuck Palahniuk's iTunes Podcast With Clark Gregg

On August 30th, The Apple Store in SoHo, NY, featured a very awesome event. CHOKE director, Clark Gregg, sat down as moderator and interviewer with Chuck Palahniuk. The whole thing is almost an hour of great conversation and discussion about the history of CHOKE the book... and the movie.... more
15 Sep, 2008 - 3:45pm

CHOKE Movie: The Borders Books & Music Microsite!

This weekend Borders Books and Music hosted a very cool event that I was lucky enough to be at. It was a moderated round table discussion with Chuck Palahniuk, Clark Gregg and Sam Rockwell. The questions were good, and the banter between the three men was...

13 Sep, 2008 - 3:23am

CHOKE Movie: Chuck Palahniuk Round Table At Borders

Here are the details again:

Saturday, September 13 – Los Angeles - 7:00pm NOTE: This event will NOT include an autographing. No memorabilia please. There will be pre-signed, movie-tie-in-versions of CHOKE (signed by Chuck only) as well as pre-signed, selected backlist available...

11 Sep, 2008 - 6:55pm

CHOKE Movie: Clark Gregg Podcast Interview With Chuck Palahniuk @ Sundance 2008

Jim Rohner, an associate producer at Zoom In Online contacted me today with a very awesome feature. It seems Clark Gregg hosted a podcast interview with Chuck Palahniuk at The 2008 Sundance Film Festival. They've reposted it on their site in honor of the film's upcoming release... more
10 Sep, 2008 - 7:29pm

CHOKE Movie: Update On Theater Info!

Many of you have been askin​g me about​ CHOKE​ latel​y,​ as it's openi​ng later​ this month​.​ There​'​s been conce​rns that it won'​t be in your city,​ or you won'​t be able to find where​ it's playi​ng.​ So let me take this time to answe​r some of you quest​ions:​

When is CHOKE...