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Tour Dates For Chuck Palahniuk's "BEAUTIFUL YOU"!

Everyone hates Mondays. Until you get an email from Chuck's publicist giving you all the dates for his upcoming Beautiful You tour. And boy... more

'Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Transgressive Stories'

'Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Transgressive Stories' Is Finally Out!

Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Short Stories is finally out in stores today! This book has been years in the making. I want to thank all of... more

"Beautiful You" by Chuck Palahniuk

Read An Excerpt From "Beautiful You"

Chuck Palahniuk's upcoming novel Beautiful You doesn't come out until October 21st, 2014. But for those who can't wait, and want a taste of... more

'Survivor' by Chuck Palahniuk

The Complete List Of Tips From Tender Branson in 'Survivor'

Every day on this website I marvel at the love, commitment and inspiration fans of Chuck Palahniuk get from his books. It's pretty awesome stuff... more

Bedtime Stories for Adults

Bedtime Stories For Adults Portland, Oregon Event Announced!

Everyone's favorite reading event is back! Bedtime Stories for Adults returns, and this time, it's coming to Portland, OR. Here are the detail:... more

Beautiful You
Burnt Tongues: Stories edited by Chuck Palahniuk, Richard Thomas and Dennis Widmyer
'Phoenix' by Chuck Palahniuk
Invisible Monsters Remix